The Benefits Of Yoga


yoga mat

Well over 5000 years, humans have been using yoga to unlock and unleash a whole host of mental and physical benefits.


Hard-core yoga enthusiasts have been able to transform their mind and their body in ways most people never would have thought possible before. Healing old injuries, pushing back against illness, and winning the war against Father Time are just some of the amazing breakthroughs possible with dedicated yoga practice.


Thankfully though, you don’t have to be a hard-core yoga fanatic to see some pretty special results – often times right out of the gate.


On a physical level, your body is going to immediately become more flexible, stronger, and you’ll enjoy a much-improved sense of balance and quite a bit more endurance. When it comes to your mental state, you’re going to be able to push back against stress and pressure without feeling overwhelmed, will feel much more energized throughout the day, and will have a significantly heightened sense of awareness as well.


It doesn’t get much better than that!


Below we dig a little bit deeper into all of the different benefits you’ll start to see when you start practising yoga. You’ll see some of these benefits almost overnight, others a few weeks into your new your routine, and others still will pop up your life – helping you feel (and look) younger and healthier.


Let’s dive right in!


Improve your emotional wellness


Clinical study after clinical study has conclusively proven that exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mental health and emotional wellness. New research out of Duke University shows that yoga has been proven to help people overcome depression – but it’s also showing signs of being able to benefit individuals living with schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions.


You’ll be able to stimulate the production of oxytocin in the body, flooding yourself with “feel-good” hormones and biochemicals that you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy otherwise.


Almost instant back pain relief


A couple of research studies that have been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine show that regular yoga practitioners report dramatic improvements in back pain relief, and many of them feel that just one or two initial yoga sessions were all it took to start seeing transformative results.


Another study had 80 people with chronic lower back pain participating in group yoga sessions together, and at the end of their first week with one another they all showed lower levels of disability and significantly improved levels of flexibility compared to chronic back pain patients never going through more traditional physical therapy.


A quick cure for the common hangover


The odds are pretty good that the last thing on your mind after a night of partying is going to be running through a quick yoga session, but there may not be a better way to detoxify your body than this.


Even just a 20-minute yoga session with light to moderate movements is more than enough to jumpstart your metabolism. You’ll be able to consume a lot more of the residual alcohol and turn it into energy, but you’ll also be able to improve your circulation which means oxygenated blood will flood in bring a lot more balance to your brain.


That hangover will disappear faster than you ever thought possible with just a bit of yoga.


Push back against arthritis


Yoga practitioners, particularly those that focus on the discipline of Iyengar yoga, have found that symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis that they had been living with disappeared almost completely after they started with these kinds of yoga sessions.


A six-week program of this specific discipline of yoga has been found to improve flexibility, lower levels of inflammation, and help to bring oxygenated blood to negatively impacted areas of the body that was suffering from crippling arthritis before.


This style of yoga focuses on gentle movement and quite a bit of heat, two things that clear up arthritis faster than almost anything else. It’s not a bad approach to take – especially since you’ll see so many other health and wellness benefits, too.


Improve the quality of your sleep


Plenty of people are living with insomnia these days, a condition that is only exasperated by the lightning fast pace of our modern world and all the stress and pressure we contend with on a day to day basis.


Yoga has always been fantastic for helping people beat back insomnia, giving your body a rigorous and energetic workout without taxing your mind or your body too much along the way. You’ll be able to put yourself through the paces without damaging any of your muscles, joints, or ligaments, helping you get a much better night of rest than you would have been able to with traditional exercise.


Closing thoughts


At the end of the day, there’s a reason why hundreds of millions of people over the last 5000 years have practiced yoga, and why hundreds of millions of people over the next 5000 years will do the same.


Conclusively proven to be one of the best ways to heal and restore not just your body but your mind and your emotional capabilities as well, yoga is a game-changing approach to fitness as well as a real lifesaver.


If you are serious about treating your body like a temple (we only get one, after all), you want to start taking full advantage of everything that yoga has to offer ASAP. There are all kinds of different disciplines and styles you can start training in, disciplines and styles perfect for anyone and everyone.


Best of all, thanks to the internet, you can now practice yoga from the comfort of your back bedroom or living room with the help of yoga experts around the world. YouTube is a great place to start, giving you the opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of yoga training without having to splash a whole lot of extra cash to begin.


Just don’t be surprised if you start to see some amazing transformative benefits after just a handful of home yoga sessions. Yoga really is that powerful.