Best Aerial Yoga Hammock Review 2019 – Buyers Guide

The aerial yoga community has absolutely exploded in just the last few years.


Today, hundreds of thousands of people all practicing aerial yoga small groups and large organizations around the United States, taking full advantage of modern technology to enjoy a unique combination of aerobatics, exercise, and the mindfulness that yoga brings to the table.


Of course, the number one thing stopping people from enjoying more aerial yoga is finding the right hammock to support them when they dive headfirst into this activity.


Anytime you are talking about suspending yourself air and only ever going to be supported by lightweight materials you want to make sure that you have made the right investment in your safety – and that’s why finding the perfect yoga hammock for your needs is critical.


There aren’t too many people that are excited about slipping and sliding all over the place when they are suspended feet off of the ground. Slipping and falling in yoga – traditional yoga – happens all the time, but when all you do is fall a few inches to the floor is a lot easier to get back up and roll with the punches.


Falling out of the sky while contorted is a whole different ballgame.


Below you’ll find some information and some insight into what the best aerial yoga hammocks have to offer for beginners and the experienced alike. We go through some of the critical features you want to pay attention to, questions you’ll have to ask before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase, and the specific factors that separate the best hammocks from the rest of the pack.


Let’s dive right in!




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The most important thing you can get right when you’re shopping for a new aerial hammock is finding one that is perfectly sized to you and your body.


A lot of aerial hammocks are advertised as “one-size-fits-all”, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Sure, there are plenty of hammocks that can be used by most people with most body types – with the level of comfort, control, and safety you are going to get out of these hammocks compared to the hammocks that have been designed for you specifically are night and day.


To start things off, you want to find out your specific measurements. Height and weight are critical, but you’ll also want to factor in how high off of the ground are going to be. All of these different dimensions will come into play to help you find the right hammock, and there’s no more important baseline to start shopping for these products than this.


Hammock or Trapeze?


If you are just getting started in the world of aerial yoga, or want to go through a more relaxing and refreshing aerial yoga session compared to the trick turning and performance focused aerial yoga made possible with a yoga trapeze, you just cannot beat a yoga hammock.


Yoga hammocks are safe, stable, and secure and offer a whole lot of extra “real estate” to catch and cradle you while you are getting started with aerial yoga. They also do double duty as a traditional hammock most situations, offering you a level of flexibility and relaxation that you just won’t get out of your typical aerial yoga inversion swing.


On the other hand, aerial yoga trapeze solutions give you a lot more versatility when you want to experiment with different yoga positions. Especially useful for yoga practitioners that are going to be twisting and contorting themselves into more vigorous movements, these kinds of yoga tools open up a whole new world of movement that just isn’t possible with a more standard hammock set up.


Both of these solutions are going to negate a lot of the stress and pressure placed on your vertebrae, helping to alleviate back pain, and a big driving force behind practicing aerial yoga in the first place. You’ll be able to decompress your spine with both of these solutions quite effectively, so it really all comes down to whether or not you’re looking for a more casual yoga experience or something that allows you to perform the kind of aerobatics you previously would have only seen at the circus.


Where and how do you plan on installing your new flying yoga hammock?


This is where things can get a little bit tricky, particularly if you aren’t paying attention to how you hope to set up your new hammock or equipment moving forward.


It’s become incredibly popular to hang your aerial hammock up in a tree outside; enjoying everything that Mother Nature has to offer while you go through your aerial routine. Some people, however, either don’t have a large enough tree on their property to pull off this kind of installation – or won’t be able to get up into the tree to secure their hammock in the first place.


A lot of the top-tier solutions are going to come with a number of different install options, including posts that you can sink into your to support your aerial hammock without needing any other structures or trees around to handle the heavy lifting for you. You’ll want to make sure that your hammock is going to include these kinds of supports if you are looking for outdoor installation, and you also need to make sure that you follow the installation instructions to the letter before you jump right in to buy your kit.


Indoor aerial hammocks exist as well, allowing you to either attach your hammock to a doorframe on a semi-permanent basis or secure the hammock to your ceilings with more permanent hardware. Most of the permanent hardware options include capabilities that let you quickly detach your hammock for easy storage, something that will be important if you aren’t interested in having your hammock set up and sitting in space even while you aren’t using it. There is also the option of an aerial yoga stand


Indoor/outdoor anti-gravity yoga hammocks are becoming more popular as well. These options almost always include a sling style that can be mounted with a variety of different hardware applications (sometimes included as part of a package, but not always). This gives you the most utility of all the options available, letting you bounce from the indoors to the outdoors and then back again depending upon what you are in the mood for most.

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